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Ngoài các giờ học tiếng Anh đầy sôi nổi và hào hứng, các bạn nhỏ trường Just Kids còn tham gia sinh hoạt lớp viết văn và nghệ thuật sáng tạo nữa. Mời các bạn cùng thưởng thức một số bài thơ, câu chuyện và những bức tranh minh hoạ đầy sinh động được các bạn nhỏ trường Just Kids sáng tác nhé.

Một số bài thơ...

Two Twinkle Beatles


Two Twinkle beetles had a paddle battle

Did two beetles have a paddle battle?

If the beetles had a paddle battle

I'm sure that the paddle battle was in the puddle.

By Minh Hieu (Just Kids, Creative writing class - 2009)





I love my mum the best

Because she is so kind

But sometimes she gets mad

The whole house gets afraid,

So please don't mess with,

My angry mother “Hà”!

(By Lan ChiJust Kids, Creative writing class - 2009)



There were...

There were ghosts in my bedroom,

There were witches on the moon

There were monsters in my bed

and a pumpkin on my head!

(By Mai Chi, Tue Linh, and Xuan Thi, Creative writing class - 2009



Trick or Treat

I like Halloween, it's so fun!

Ghosts, witches, and skeletons everywhere

The children go to lots of houses,

and they all say: “trick or treat!”

(By Lan Chi, Minh Hieu, Duy Minh, Just Kids Creative writing class – 2009)



A Bear's Halloween poem

It's Halloween and darkness is everywhere,

My friends dress-up and I'm so scared!

I said: 'What are you doing out there?”

They said: “To play trick or treat my little bear!”

By (Little) Nam Phuong,(Big) Nam Phuong, Cam Ly




My Little Bi


I love my little Bi

He is really funny

He is like a clown

He makes people laugh!

(By Mai Chi, Just Kids Creative writing class – 2009)



Và một số câu chuyện...


John and Linda


“We are late!” John said, “It will mean that we will be grounded.”

John and Linda are two students in the swimming class on White street in London. They love to swim. Their teacher is very angry that they are late and tells them to swim two times around the pool. When John and Linda go home they are very tired, and they are never late to swimming class again.

One day, John invites Linda to his home to see the model that he made when he was little. Linda likes the monkey model very much, because it's very funny. Then John scares Linda with a scary ant. Linda shouts, but John doesn't laugh because he likes Linda and doesn't want her to hate him. Linda was very hungry and sleepy. So John gives Linda cookies and takes her home. They are very good friends.

(By Minh Hieu, Just Kids Creating writing Class 2009)


The Boy and the Elephant

By Minh Quan and Duy Minh


In the very small dangerous jungle there was a boy, he lived with an old ant. One day, the boy played for so long that he got lost in the dangerous jungle. He was hungry and thirsty and he set off home very late. Because it was so late, he had to sleep on the tree in the jungle.

He was sleeping and a very scary monkey woke him up. He was so scared that he ran very fast to the river. He couldn't find the bridge to the other side, so he jumped down into the river and swam very fast to the other side. The monkey was very awful and threw a long stick at the boy, it hit him in the head.  The boy was very hurt and shouted at the monkey very loudly. The monkey laughed; “Ha, ha,ha. Ho, ho, ho.”

Suddenly a very big elephant pushed the monkey down the river and saved the boy. Then the elephant and the boy went home. And they become best friends in the jungle.



Zoey and Nick

(By Lan Chi and Tue Linh- Just Kids Creating Writing class - 2009)


Once upon a time, in a big happy kingdom for special animals that could talk, named Tinker Tanker, lived a green monkey that was named Nick. Nick was a very good swimming teacher, he had always been the teacher of the champion swimmers. Nick taught the special intelligent ants to swim: fast, slow, sit under the water and breath under the water. These ants were special because when they went into the water they didn't die, and they liked to swim very much. One of the special intelligent ants' name was Zoey. Zoey always swam the best in her class, so teacher Nick said that she will be the monitor, but sometimes she made Nick very angry. Nick became like a monster! The thing that made Nick angry was Zoey, not because Zoey was naughty but because she ate all of his yummy and delicious food. One day he shouted at her::

“Zoey, why did you eat all of my yummy food?”

Zoey answered, “Teacher, I don't have a house so I have to come here and eat your food, I'm so sorry, please forgive me!”

Teacher Nick said: “Poor Zoey, that's awful. You can live here and be my daughter.”

That night Zoey and Nick were sleeping late because they watched a scary movie about a ghost with red eyes and sharp teeth – the ghost was called Dracula, the movie was so scary that Nick and Zoey screamed and made the neighbours angry. After that they watched a funny movie that made them laugh very loudly, so loudly that it woke the neighbours up again and they were very angry because they couldn't sleep!



The Tree and the Lake

(By (Big) Nam Phuong - Just Kids Creating Writing class - 2009)


Once upon a time, in the suburb of a beautiful city, there was a tree, an ancient tree and a small lovely lake. People called the tree “Papa”. Everyday, they came to Papa and wished and asked him questions or just shared their ideas. But, the lake was in front of Papa so that people put their wishes and their bottles of ideas in the lake. The lake which was called Tinkle, lived in peace for many years. She talked to Papa everyday. One day, Papa woke Tinkle up very early, when everything was still sleeping, and said:

“Tinkle, wake up!” Tinkle immediately waved her water and asked worriedly:

“What happened Papa?” Why do you wake me up so early?”

Papa sadly smiled: “Look around, look around, Tinkle. Can you feel the fresh air around here? Can you taste the dew drops? Can you?”

Tinkle suddenly laughed, loudly, her water danced on the surface.

“Oh Papa!” You woke me up very early just to ask those silly questions? Of course I can feel the fresh air. Of course I can taste the dew drops. Ok, what else do you want to ask me?”

Papa seemed to be angry, but his voice was still gentle.

“I asked you for a reason, tomorrow I'll tell you.” And now come back to your dreams, I won't say any more!”

Tinkle cried a little and then she felt asleep.

On the very next day, Tinkle went to Papa and said:

“Papa I'm so sorry about yesterday, I was just so sleepy, I'm so sorry really. Can you tell me the reasons?”

Papa smiled, he explained slowly:

“Tinkle, you are 3 now, you should discover the world outside. Every lake has to discover the world outside. That is the first reason. The second is that you should remember this place, because you will leave it.”

Tinkle cried: “Oh Papa, I don't want to leave this place.”

“One day the wind, the seas breath, will come here and explain the way you have to go to you. Do you know where you will go to?”

Tinkle shouted, her water angrily beating the ground.

“I don't care! I want to live here, just here!”

“Don't be sad, you will go to the ocean, you will meet many friends there. It'll be fun. And you will also meet the ocean, who is as old as me, then, you will understand something.”

Tinkle didn't say anything. Her pain was so deep, as deep as the ocean...

Tinkle lived in silence day by day. She tried to remember everything around her. Papa, the grass, the fresh air, the dew drops, everything. Papa just looked at her and smiled.

And then the wind came. Tinkle felt something very strange, she felt happy, extremely happy, she shouted:

“I felt the wind, Papa! I felt it! Goodbye Papa, goodbye!” And she flew as fast as she could to somewhere that the wind called ocean. After some hours, she stopped.

Then the tears came down, she tasted it, salty. Tinkle asked the wind: “Am I crying?”

“No, you're not. That's the ocean.”

Suddenly the lake whispered: “I understand, Papa. This is the ocean. Where the sky begins.”


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